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About Dime Software

Expertise and experience rolled into one

We are a software company that creates add-ons for the Microsoft Dynamics product suite. Years of experience in the field have taught our team a thing or two how to develop solutions that meet the demands of ambitious and growing companies.

Behind the experienced team of consultants and commercial staff is a multi-disciplinary group of people in charge of the development of high-quality software. Our development team creates its software according to the best practices and adheres to stringent internal quality requirements. We ship software only after it's been thoroughly tested and validated by people in the field.

All this expertise and experience combined, nurtured by an entrepreneurial company spirit, results in a software company that makes innovative and market-leading products in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem.


Established in 2010, Dime Software is deeply embedded in the world of Microsoft Dynamics. Founded by experienced business consultants, Dime Software operated as a consulting firm for several years.

Meanwhile, Dime Software started creating its own products, of which Dime.Scheduler is the most well-known. Another business unit consisted of the distribution of document scanning software for the Microsoft Dynamics product suite, and was transferred in 2020.

Since 2020, Dime Software exclusively develops and manages their own products. Dime.Scheduler is going strong and more products are on their way.

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Here are the people that are leading Dime Software to the next level.

Managing Partner

Hendrik Bulens

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Get in touch with Hendrik:

Hendrik is managing partner at Dime Software and leads the Dime.Scheduler product team. His many years of experience as a consultant and passion for business and technology have helped shape Dime.Scheduler to what it is today and where it is headed.

Managing Partner

Tom Taffin

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Get in touch with Tom:

Tom is managing partner at Dime Software and is the founder of Dime.Scheduler. With more than a decade of experience in the Microsoft Dynamics product suite, Tom is an authority in the field with a proven track record in building solutions for complex business environments.